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Standby Generators


As a homeowner, you know that you always need to be thinking ahead and preparing for the unexpected. It’s important to make sure that your property is protected from unexpected events, but you also need to make sure that your family is as safe and comfortable as possible as well.

Natural disasters are almost completely unpredictable, and they can often leave your Des Moines home without power, which can be dangerous and uncomfortable. Investing in a power generator for your home can help you maintain the safety and comfort of home, even when local electricity fails temporarily. Call our Des Moines Electrician to get a home generator installed today!

Types of Generators

Different power generators are built to provide different amounts of electricity to your home. When you’re having a power generator installed, our professional electricians can help you determine the amount of power you may need in the event of an electrical outage and what sort of generator is best suited to your Des Moines home. If you have a large amount of electrical equipment that you’ll need to use in the event of any emergency, you’ll need a generator with a higher capacity.

Investing in a power generator that will be able to supply your home with a little more electricity than you assume you’ll need will ensure that you’re fully equipped to keep your home safe in the event of an emergency.

There are two main types of generator: standby units and portable generators.

  • Standby units – If you have the space, a standby unit is your best bet. Our power generator technicians can have it professionally installed so that it will be available and ready to function as soon as your home experiences a power outage.
  • Portable Models – If you don’t have the space in your Des Moines home, or if you need something you’ll be able to move around to different places, the portable model will be your best. We can help you decide which is best for your home and your family’s uses, and we can have them professionally maintained so that you’re ready to deal with anything that occurs.

Generator Fuels

Most power generators run on gasoline, the cheapest and most readily available fuel. However, there are models available that run on propane or diesel. You can decide on which would be best for your home based on your budget, and what will be most easily available to you when you need it.

Our power generator technicians can help you with this decision, and we’ll show the specific details of each model. After your purchase and installation, we can also keep your generator maintained and work on any repairs that you may need.

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