4 Tips to Great Landscape Lighting in Des Moines

You spend a considerable amount of time and creating the perfect landscape for your residential property. It is often the first thing that your guests when they arrive to your home. Your landscape design is a reflection of your own personal taste and style, so it’s essential that every detail is exactly the way you want it. From the shrubbery, and flowers, to the paths, fountains, and how well it matches with the rest of your home, the look of your landscaping creates the perfect environment in your lawn.

This is why selecting the right lighting for your landscaping is will complete your vision. With unlimited options for lighting on your home’s property, you can be as wildly creative as you want. As you consider what type of lighting and home much lighting you’ll need, read some of our helpful tips below, and then contact a WIREONE technician today to help you pick out and install your landscape lighting today.

Function – The highest priority on your light is deciding what your lights will be used for. There are essentially two important reasons for light installation: Design and safety. The right lighting can take care of both of these at the same time. So you need to know exactly why you are buying your lights. Assess the areas in your lawn where you want lighting to be implemented, and develop a vision for what exactly what the lighting will be used for. This will help both your purchasing and installation to go much more smoothly once you contact us.

Positioning – When it comes to lighting, location is everything. As you’re putting together your strategy, think about where you want the lights to be installed and also where the focus or direction of your lights will be. Different lights create a different focus. Some lighting emits targeted lighting in a small area. Other lighting spreads out illuminating a much larger area all around your yard. If you’re installing lighting for safety then make sure the lighting concentrates on areas that you want lit up.

Style – Once you have a vision in mind for your lighting, now it’s time to get down to details. For example, are there specified items in your landscaping, such as a statue or fountain that you want to be highlighted? Are you looking for certain lights to run as a pattern interweaved in your garden? Are you thinking about any specific colors? There are several factors involved.  Do your homework and research other designs before you make your own selection.

Energy Efficient – Lighting can take up a lot of energy in your home and greatly increase your utility bill every month. With so many different types of lights on the market today, it is important to choose lights that are energy efficient, and long lasting. Energy efficient lights are generally more expensive that regular light bulbs, but they save you more money in the long run.