How to schedule your “keep it safe” inspection

It’s easy to take electricity for granted. You flip a switch, and a light comes on; you plug in something, and it operates. Electricity makes all of our lives far easier, safer, and more convenient. However, it’s important that you never forget how powerful electricity is.

Electricity’s incredible power is why WIREONE recommends that every homeowner has an electrical safety inspection performed on their home each year. Believe it or not, your home’s electrical system can change dramatically over that period of time. And when it changes, it can present risks.

WIREONE is offering a free residential safety inspection with every residential dispatch. If you’ve noticed any flickering lights, loose outlets, and constantly tripping breakers, this offer is meant especially for you. When your home’s electrical system isn’t safe, neither are your loved ones inside your home. Give us a call today or use the form below to schedule your inspection.